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Simone Fattal reads Etel Adnan's PREMONITION:

Tuesday, July 22, 7 PM
The Green Arcade
1680 Market Street at Gough
San Francisco, CA

Please join Kelsey Street Press at the Green Arcade for a special event on July 22nd when Simone Fattal will read from Etel Adnan's new book-length prose poem, Premonition.

Simone Fattal is a painter and sculptor. She is also the founder and publisher of Post-Apollo Press, based out of Sausalito. She and Adnan, her partner of forty-two years, now reside in Paris.

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Praise for Premonition::

It's not that Etel Adnan is any wiser than you (though she's wiser than I): it's that she struggles with meaning in ways that can teach us about the human heart, its memories, its sacrifices, its triumphs. In which land, I wonder, did she learn so much about loneliness—was it in Lebanon, Paris, California? And at what age does one learn so much about apprenticeship, the way we work and labor, only to see finally that our life so far marks only the beginning of understanding, acceptance, empathy? Like her painting, Adnan's prose style turns thought into image with premonitory ease and suggestion. "A forest saturated with trees," she writes, or thinks, "proclaims the existence of a river saturated with reflections." Premonition, introduced ably by the artist and writer Lynn Marie Kirby, can be read by those of any generation, and what the men don't know, the little girls will understand.

—Kevin Killian

Etel Adnan's aptly named Premonition is a wizened work that finds simple beauty in "a beloved face" and more than words can say "in another tempest, this one in me." The poem is like waking from a strange dream, recalling detailed fragments, certain they mean something more, close and yet illusive. This lovely book made me feel as if I had a companion in asking life's big questions without hope of knowing the answers.

—Laura Sydell, Digital Media Correspondent for NPR (National Public Radio)


by Etel Adnan
2014, 56 pages 
Hardbound, bound in cloth by Dekker Bookbinding
ISBN: 978-0-932716-82-8

Special Edition: 
twenty-six have been numbered A to Z and signed by the author 

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