March 18, 2009

Patricia Dienstfrey with Hadley Haden Guest (Barbara Guest Series)

Patricia Dienstfrey: May 23, 2008, Barbara Guest’s livingroom, Berkeley, CA.

This interview focuses on Hadley Haden Guest’s memories of family life, growing up in a household with her mother, her stepfather, Trumble Higgins, and her half brother, Jonathan.

Track 1:  Hadley’s early childhood memories of her father, Stephen Guest, and her stepfather, Trumble Higgins in New York City.



Track 2:  Barbara Guest’s and Trumble Higgin’s differing perspectives on politics and class. Barbara Guest’s activism during the Vietnam War. Years in residence in Washington, D.C. during the Kennedy Administration. Entertaining at home. Styles of argument and discussion in the family context. Hadley’s years at boarding school and Bennington College. Barbara Guest’s style of criticism and her advise to Hadley starting out as a writer of children’s books.