March 23, 2009

Hadley Haden Guest on Barbara Guest: Index to Interviews

In the effort to preserve valuable information about Barbara Guest’s life for future biographers and lovers of her work, Kelsey Street Press has done a series of interviews with Barbara’s daughter, Hadley Haden Guest. The interviews took place between Fall, 2007 and Spring, 2008, at Barbara’s home in Berkeley, which she shared with Hadley for more than a decade at the end of her life.

The interviews include: Susan Gevirtz, on Barbara’s early years; Kathleen Fraser, on her years in New York City; Brenda Hillman, on certain late poems and the creative process; Rena Rosenwasser on collaborations with visual artists; and Patricia Dienstfrey on Hadley’s recollections of Barbara in the context of family life. If you cite or quote this series on your website or in your work, which you are invited to do, we ask that you acknowledge Kelsey Street Press. These recordings are unedited. Address: 2824 Kelsey Street, Berkeley, CA, 94705.

Susan Gevritz with Hadley Haden Guest

Kathleen Fraser with Hadley Haden Guest

Brenda Hillman with Hadley Haden Guest

Rena Rosenwasser with Hadley Haden Guest

Patricia Dienstfrey with Hadley Haden Guest

March 20, 2009

Kathleen Fraser Interviews Hadley Haden Guest (Barbara Guest Series)

Kathleen Fraser: July 17, 2007, Barbara Guest’s livingroom, Berkeley, CA

Single track. Guest’s years in New York City. Fraser’s first meeting with Guest in the context of the New York School poets and painters. Guests’s friendship with Frank O’Hara and other New York School poets and painters. Coming to modernist poetry. Influence of European refugees on American post-war culture. Guest’s apartment interiors, spaces and painting-filled walls. Politics and money and their influences on New York social life and poetic styles. Updown and downtown controversies in the NYC poetry scene during the fifties, sixties and seventies. Background on the writing of HD: HERSELF DEFINED, a biography, and SEEKING AIR, a novel. Guest’s feminism defined.



September 14, 2007

Kathleen Fraser, something (even human voices) in the foreground, a lake

00:00 Introduction
01:11 Something Even Human Voices
01:42 Conversation with Suzanne Stein, part 1
29:56 Medusas Hair Was Snakes
32:55 Conversation with Suzanne Stein, part 2
1:06:50 end