From Letterpress to Hypertext–KSP on the Web!

In 2004, Kelsey St. Press celebrated its 30th anniversary. Now, just four years later, we are excited to say that we are growing and changing in many ways. What started in 1974 with an old letterpress dressed in leopard print in Patricia Dienstfrey’s basement has extended its arc through pixels and html. With much thanks to Jerrold Shiroma, who redesigned our web site, we can offer online ordering for our readers for the first time. Please try out this new feature and if you don’t already have it, add Renee Gladman s Newcomer Can’t Swim (2007) to your shopping cart!

The internet has become a vital part of today’s small press world and as a long time member of the publishing community, KSP is thrilled to begin this blog and have a voice in this forum. Like any good blog, the goal is to keep you up-to-date on projects, readings and other news related to our authors, artists and friends in innovative writing. But we also hope to bring you special features—not only interviews with our authors and artists but by newer writers, book artists and designers. Just as with works like Symbiosis and our most recent, Concordance, we welcome collaboration and we are eager to see where that can go in the more impromptu and open space of the blog.

In the next year or two, I hope to revisit and blog about the KSP oeuvre from start to finish, to better familiarize myself, as a new member with our history, but also to revitalize dialogue around these books. This kind of re-imagining is happening on many levels at KSP. Other members are exploring possibilities for e-books, re-issuing out-of-print works, and, any moment now, you will be able to visit our Listen page and hear readings and other audio from KSP writers. We have been able to make these recording thanks to Ross Craig’s know-how and generous donation of studio space. Stay tuned for recordings from Bhanu Kapil, Kathleen Fraser, Laynie Brown, Susan Gevirtz and more!

And please email me with your questions, comments, or ideas about blog features, interviews, guest writers, etc. Also, don’t forget to send me links to your personal blog or press so I can be sure to add them to the side bar. Finally, be sure to join our brand new e-mail list. Click on the About page to sign up.

Posted by Amber DiPietra.

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