Renee Gladman and The Reach

This recording from the Naropa Poetics Audio Archives features Renee Gladman (among others) speaking on a panel about narrative across cultures. Renee’s portion is very quiet, you have turn your volume all the way up to hear it and even then, it is difficult. But well worth it. I think the audio accident underscores the shape of her work. Here is a bit of transcription.

“While I am not quite interested in the content of events I am interested in the space between, above, ahead, below and behind them.”

“it’s ceaseless presumptions and possible leaps ”

“it is being in one place and reaching out toward another”

“For me prose has become abstracted from any one kind of writing and is now a gesture, a way of thinking. It exists outside of form. I see it as a reach beyond containable reality, a reach beyond the boundaries and questions of one field or one genre.”

Listen here.  

You will also hear Bhanu Kapil giving a forceful and fluid definition of a border.

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