Susan Gevirtz Reads Monday, March 10, 2008

 Monday MARCH 10, 7:00 pm
@ Red Hill Books

401 Cortland (at Bennington)
Bernal Heights, San Francisco

Susan Gevirtz’s new book is THRALL (The Post-Apollo Press, 2007).

If Alice in Wonderland and Wallace Stevens have a daughter, here is her primary residence. She spends “each month the chapter of a year?” drinking of this aquarium water tincture and thereby knowing something happened. Thus reaching for the dictionary.” The Reader can hope to find herself in this Looking Glass, surrounded by the good neighbors Intellect, Lexicon, Law, and Light, opening into deep communication with sensitive and nervy maps of reading and response, a finely-tuned and attuned charting and exploration of the “world of written words.” There is no finer dwelling than this.   –Stacy Doris

Steve Dickison’s new book is DISPOSED (The Post-Apollo Press, 2007).

           I’m hooked on just how he attaches
           those jazzical slices of the current dense.
           Listen here and know that ceaseless
           connection of the Poem Most High.

                        –Clark Coolidge

‘Palpable’, as one is titled:  astute, uncalculated thought.  “The scattered nature of reality” [Spicer, from the epigraph] coalesces as dream does when it wakes to itself as dream.  As though the dead spoke through each instance, seen from here as experience, in a language utterly strange:  more intimate than’s usually bearable.    –Sarah Menefee

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