New chapbook from sara larsen


Two poems from NOVUS


that my love is love giant as light
cascades in terza rima in arthritic spinal
columns of light giant in aging seas
head deep, defeated in raging hades i love as i hate
these failed systems, thunderstrucked moon a sack
of undulate sperm shot in head on euphrates fucked
in bed with my love’s head deep in colon that to
get fucked is parenthesis i hate as i love these corsical
cartography, seasons undulate my love is swine is pig giant
maw as light tears pig from bone-pig



what makes bone also

encyclopedic not quite myopic harmony of

    the firmament is your hair sewn off
by night
    never to have come
in me

the phyla contrasts love in paper
i lost inferno / i’m behind in cantos


sara larsen co-edits TRY! magazine, a bi-monthly literary/arts zine, with david brazil, and is founder of earthworm press and projects. chapbooks include doubly circulatory (artifact press), 2000 decembers (ampersand press), 23 Chromosomes (earthworm press & projects), and NOVUS (earthworm press & projects).

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