Coordinates are manatees, blind positioning systems, Bhanu.

Flew off to Floridicana for the holidays, was enswamped in black beans and manatee-land; then came back to much catching up at work–dozens of blind people with people to see, places to go, in my cubicle, wanting smart answers about accessible GPS.

So many interesting creatures, all of us–then I remembered this one was blogging for Harriet this month:

Fellow Kitty Cats/those born to it/those not:

Hi. Although I have been taking some considerable pleasure in the space beneath this one, and though I am also in some kind of hollowed out part of the landscape in Vermont, I thought I ought to overcome what was threatening to become, as David Buuck says, [bioperversity]. Have not yet figured out how to ittalicize words on Kitty Cat Blogger.

Well, my massive plan is, having calmed down, which took a paragraph, to present, over a period of three months or so, my research into the field of carnal lithography.   “Architecture, event and geology co-incide in the GIS map to produce indigo nodes.  These nodes burst, spilling into the grid, which is silver, beneath, and map-like.”  Something like that.  Yesterday, I read Mei-mei Bersenbrugge’s essay, “New Form”, in Samosa Man Cafe in Montpelier.  Samosa Man turns out to be from the Congo and I wanted to meet him, but he wasn’t there.  The waitress blasted the music and I sat in a bit of sun at an orange plastic table, where I wrote out Mei-mei’s  sentence* in my notebook: “[The poem] is that particular conjunction of events which includes the history of your body, your experience and your art vertically, and the time and circumstances you are in horizontally…”

That’s Bhanu Kapil blogging for The Poetry Foundatio this January (among other fantastic guest bloggers like Criag Santos Perez, Thom, Donovan, etc etc).

Read the rest of her post here.

Get her newest book from KSP. Humanimal, a Project for Future Children.

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