New poems by Sarah Suzor!

Poems from Sarah Suzor’s The Principle Agent.

Of all the things to lie about:

It was never my intention to make it this far.
Not that I mentioned the Thames that day,
                                                        that last day.

Not that I purposely lost touch.

I’ve taken all my items to numerous locations,
but it’s never been a question of what was left undone.


Violets, blue violets.

The way one walks downhill first.

She said, I have never been here before.

She had.

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Sarah Suzor was born and raised in Wyoming. She is the author of It was the season, then. (EtherDome Chapbooks) and the forthcoming Isle of Dogs (Toadlily Press). Her interviews, reviews and poems have appeared in numerous online and print journals including, Rain Taxi, Tarpaulin Sky and OR: A literary tabloid. She lives in Venice, CA, where she an editor for Highway 101 Press and a guest lecturer at the Left Bank Writers Retreat.

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