New poems by Ethel Rackin

How wonderful to go riding

And to feel the sadness

That loneliness leaves

When it leaves

How wonderful to go riding

To fall into that sadness and know it

The breath of fall and the buds that spring

To experience sales also

In the adrift of language’s departments

How wonderful to feel sadness

That springs from summer monuments
The path wreathed in silence

Has a sadness of the sort

That wrings round branches

And takes dreams down with the ship

Paths of this sort are warnings

Of stories leaving

Since leaves also

In going, go

The frame of forever is wanting

Forever you are wanting

However soon this thing

Noon is still waiting

It’s something to see

As leaves which are for changing

In case of something, I have this case

Today I may be starting

I may be starting

To let go of the exaggerated waiting

Flowers too choose breathing

Choosing breathing, they can breathe!
Where is the tea

And where is that awful waffle bread

Where are the cookies

After all these being fantastic

Fantastic to buy chocolate

In the first place

In the in-between of morning

And the Frank Stella of sadness

How about the aftermath

And the drunkenness

And the morning of aggressive sadness

Where, after all, is that glassiness

Where is that frankness

After all where is the cookie dough

These too being fantastic
Story where I kept you

You and the Avenue of vines

Vines where I kept you

You and the Avenue of vines

You and the Avenue

Vines where I kept you

You and the Avenue of vines

Vines kept stories

Stories where I kept you

You and the Avenue of vines

Vines where I kept you

You where I kept you

Stories and the Avenue

Of vines

Ethel Rackin’s poems have appeared in Colorado Review, Volt, Court Green, Poetry East, The American Poetry Review, and elsewhere. These poems are from her manuscript, Red as a Tree, a recent finalist for several first book awards. She earned an MFA from Bard College, and is Assistant Professor of Language & Literature at Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania.

A series of poems from Red as a Tree, including “The frame of forever is wanting,” have been set to music by Norman David in a composition entitled “The frame of forever…” The composer will direct and play with his ensemble, The Eleventet, for the world premiere, to take place in Philadelphia in November 2010.

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