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January 2011

IF KSP had a Facebook, this would be my link-laden status update:

Listening to Terry Gross talk about Betty Friedan and Helen Gurley Brown while reading Lauren Levin’s Mrs. Maybe blog post about  Nicki Minaj. Except the FB changed its inteface and now I can’t make more than one link active at a time and also, I would like to quote Lauren talking about Minaj. But that means …

j/j hastain’s LET with image text.

Read poem: jj hastain LET j/j hastain is currently living and writing in Colorado, USA. j/j is the author of the two full-length books asymptotic lover // thermodynamic vents (BlazeVox Books) and our bodies as beauty inducers (Rebel Satori Press) as well as chapbooks how nerve-yen became the new yew tree (erbacce-press UK), .compilate. …

Revisiting CUSP by Jocelyn Saidenberg

Rereading Jocelyn’s KSP book from 2001, CUSP. Interrupted by a lengthy and rare conversation–all via frantic instant messaging on Facebook–with my distraught, younger brother. Far away across the country. Trying to convince him not to enlist in the Army. I keep typing though my eyes tire of computer light–because more than poetry, and …

Thaisa Frank reading in Berkeley

Thaisa Frank will be reading from her new novel, Heidegger’s Glasses on January 27th in Berkeley. The event will take place at University Press Books at 6:30. To see other readingdates/venues for Thaisa, join her mailing list by visiting her website: