I was going to, Black Box Cutaway photo response, but

What I had meant to do today was go to the Photography Response Writing workshop, as part of the Nonsite residency & installation, COMMON/USE at  SF Camerawork.

Here is what was going to/did happen

We will think about how an image-saturated landscape and constant camera use is a common space to observe and absorb. How are cell phone photos, photo sharing sites, and news photos changing the ownership of photographs and photographic memories? How does photography inside galleries and museums coexist with these multiplying photographies in downtown San Francisco?

We will meet in the SF Camerawork gallery to discuss the above topics then go on self-guided tours of the surrounding downtown area. The walks will have a loose script, focusing on how photography iterates itself as an act, and as artifacts. We will then reconvene in the gallery and write about what we performed/collected from our walks.

And I had this notion that I would take this piece from Susan Gevirtz’s Black Box Cutaway

I spend many long days unable
to do anything but be embodied
I send length to your times
for everything seen
the fallout times the unlooked at
unlocked refusal to look elsewhere
but the directed shot
multiplication place
of nothing
is no one’s afterglow

and use it as a mental loop to take pictures to as I scootered around the area. (The site of the workshop also being right next door to my place of work as disability advocate. My usual  to- and from- loop to this part of the city being a scan of my inobx: “help me sue the ACLU for scanning my retinas”, “sarcoids flared up and water heater bsuted”, Asperger’s app for ipad…)

But it was the birthday of Ana Yoshida Garcia, who passed a few years back. My partner’s mother. So we had a different kind of afternoon, scanning photos and placing them on the altar. There was a need to stay home and be,  quietly with old photos.

Dear KSP blog readers who went to the nonsite photo writing thing, please share..

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