an excerpt from UNEARTH by Mg Roberts


I begin now with an epigraph. I begin again
with omissions.


I begin with the fragment, which will never
occur again, even in repetition.


Again. I begin as a constellation linking
direction and nothing at the same time—


I want to write a book that describes
twilight. I want you to be able to see it as I


la Credo, ergo ego sum!



In the peripheral landscape each parallel line
attempts connection searches for its
correspondence in map.



Occupying a strange place I-less
finds herself physically insignificant
reworked, bending.


Endlessly looped. Silent.



After the film, something broke in
me: something gave.


I mean I’m not it.



This place holds distinctions etched onto
flexible strips of plastic.


A telos?


Born in Subic Bay, Philippines, Mg Roberts teaches in the San Francisco Bay area. She is a Kundiman fellow, Kelsey Street Press member, and MFA graduate of New College of California, where strange tricks were added to her bag. Her work has appeared and or is forthcoming in Bombay Gin, Web Conjunctions, How2, and the anthology Kuwento for Lost Things. Her first full-length poetry collection, not so, sea, is forthcoming from Durga Press. If she were not a poet she would be a snake handler, or maybe just a good speller.


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