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May 2014


an excerpt from Instruction Manual for Little Beasts by tessa micaela

tessa micaela’s manuscript there are boxes and there is wanting was a finalist in the Kelsey Street Press FIRSTS! contest. Vitally concerned with how we connect with one another, both intimately and socially, her poetry relentlessly explores the structure and experience of these interactions. We’re pleased to present the following …

Poet and artist Etel Adnan
Photo by Simone Fattal

Laura Sydell of NPR on Premonition and other Etel Adnan news

Thanks to Laura Sydell, Digital Culture Correspondent for NPR (National Public Radio), for her thoughtful remarks: Etel Adnan’s aptly named Premonition is a wizened work that finds simple beauty in “a beloved face” and more than words can say “in another tempest, this one in me.” The poem is like waking from …