Poetry by Heidi Reszies

We are pleased to present the first in a series of blog posts featuring work by our 2017 Firsts! contest finalists. This week, excerpts from two poems by Heidi Reszies.

[from a body invariably]

In driving rain
the river swells to touch
                        lingulate leaves tonguing
its current.
This is the part
            I wade through      the part
            I break against
where I break into three parts       the part where
I commit to unbroken attention        where breath
            becomes a vehicle      a holding pattern
                        the way a body suspends       swimming

            the river is nothing apart from it      nothing
floats back        but in my dreams.
Tendentious river
            bend       my mind moves naturally
this way      water
becomes habitual
            an arrangement of volume
blue-green harmony       discordant
            sadness       at times water is arbitrary      nothing
is forced or pictorial.
Water at its original
impulse is      what the body knows.

[from Recollections & Reenactments]

I read somewhere how quickly nature could crush us
Leaves are responsible for all this green
I translate onto flat horizontal surfaces
I simulate shade
I fall asleep with poems in my mouth
Watch them dissolve & integrate
Wake up we’re here

Heidi Reszies is a multidisciplinary artist living in Richmond, VA. Her poetry has recently appeared in BOAAT, Daily Gramma, Fog Machine, Forklift Ohio, FORTH Magazine, La Vague Journal, LEVELER, SUSAN/THE JOURNAL, and Queen of Cups. Her chapbook Recollections & Reenactments is forthcoming from Zoo Cake Press (2017). Heidi is the creator/curator of Artifact Press, publisher of limited edition poetry chapbooks that are typeset by hand and letterpress printed using an antique Kelsey Excelsior platen press and Challenge proof press. She currently serves as Design Director and Chapbook Series Editor at H_NGM_N Books.

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