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Featured Work by Emerging Writers

Crossley Simmons

Poetry by Crossley Simmons

Continuing our series featuring writing by the 2017 Firsts! contest finalists, this week we’re pleased to present poetry by Crossley Simmons. These poem/images are excerpts from her finalist manuscript A COMING OF AGE SCOOP NECK TEE: POEMS FOR (UN)DRESSING.                       …

Taeyin ChoGlueck

Poetry by Taeyin ChoGlueck

Our series featuring writing by Firsts! contest finalists continues with poetry by Taeyin ChoGlueck. Her manuscript 집:jib was selected by judge Bhanu Kapil as the runner-up in our 2017 contest.   excerpts from jib     Cow beside itself on the white kitchen floor.   The outsideperson whistling outside his …

heidi reszies

Poetry by Heidi Reszies

We are pleased to present the first in a series of blog posts featuring work by our 2017 Firsts! contest finalists. This week, excerpts from two poems by Heidi Reszies.   [from a body invariably]     In driving rain   the river swells to touch                           lingulate leaves tonguing …

Nikia Chaney

Four Poems by Nikia Chaney

We are proud to present four poems by Nikia Chaney. Chaney’s strongly evocative poetry takes shape through the sensory material of language: sounds, pulses, and atmospheres layer upon syntactic inventions. The results are vivid and surprising word-sculptures.   group ie   in the bathroom.waiting. white stone underthigh. blessed the back …


Excerpt from Deus Ex Machina, by Jennifer Pilch

We are pleased to announce the release of Deus Ex Machina: A Melodrama  by Jennifer Pilch, the winner of the 2015 Kelsey Street Press Firsts! Contest, selected by contest judge Myung Mi Kim. The book is now available for immediate shipment and can be purchased directly through our website. Booksellers may order the title through our distributor. from the …


“Hearing Loss” by Susanne Dyckman

Susanne Dyckman’s first full-length book of poetry, Equilibrium’s Form (Shearsman Books, 2006), was praised by D.A. Powell for “carefully balancing the quiet, arid world with the act of longing” and enacting “the inevitable feeling of absence.” This week, we’re pleased to share Dyckman’s poem “Hearing Loss,” an excerpt from a …